Bluegrass State & Kentucky Derby

Kentucky’s official nickname is “the Bluegrass State” because of how prolific the type of grass known colloquially as “bluegrass” is throughout most of the state’s lands. Bluegrass is a specific type of grass belonging to the scientific genus Poa, and it gets its name from the bluish-purplish tint the stalks take on when they go to seed. (

Since 1875, the Kentucky Derby has been a staple in the racing world. Thousands of people gather each year in their finest Sunday clothes to watch the best of the best compete. This greatest of all derbies has become an iconic event in the sporting world. Not only is it famous for the horses, but also the fashion, hats, mint juleps, and food. It allows offers a lavish purse that is one of the most expensive in the horse racing industry." (source)

Coming down the stretch I was thinking: ‘Keep rollin’ big boy. Keep rollin’. This has to be the sweetest moment of my life. -Art Sherman

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